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how it all began…


Julie Lawton, Suzy Moore and Julie Smith met each other while performing volunteer service with local charities in their communities.


“As stay at home mom’s, giving back has always been our passion … but of course we also enjoyed shopping and wanted to share our style with other women.”

So these Three Socially Conscious Women collaborated on an a idea to build a Home Decor and Fashion
Boutique that could deliver great style and great value while supporting worthy causes.


UpsaDaisy Boutique started as a pop up concept in Homewood IL in the fall of 2014. Because of the success
of the original 10 week adventure … and further encouragement from friends and business colleagues …
they seized an opportunity to open a permanent shop which debuted in March of 2015.


With a permanent home on Martin Avenue in rapidly redeveloping Homewood, UpsaDaisy is “doubling down” on it’s commitment to its community and causes while providing its customers access to Local Artisans,
Fair Trade Products and High Fashion.


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